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How to enjoy

3 steps to enjoy KiKiKi

1. Select one "Kohitsu" ; a pencil shape wood stick, that matches your mood.

 Please refer to the Guide book of wood scent for each scent. 


2. Insert the Kohitsu into "KiKiKi" ; a special sharpener, like a pencil.


3. Turn the Kohitsu for shaving as if to shave a pencil, spread out a Kohitsu shavings 

    on KiKiKi.


 Enjoy the sound of shaving.

​ It makes you calm by the silent moment.


Close KiKiKi to your nose, and Enjoy the freshness scent of wood.


Observing the beautifully spread shavings,

there should be new discoveries such as the difference in color and the beauty of the grain.

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