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Product introduction

KiKiKi Set (with special sharpener)

A starter set is available for first-time users.

In KiKiKi Set,

A special sharpener, 3 Kohitsu ; Japanese typical conifers, HINOKI, SUGI, HIBA, and a special wooden tray that holds them neatly.

You can choose from two types of special sharpeners

made of Walnut or Black cherry.


Careful finishing and high-precision works

KiKiKi that looks like a small tea cup of  Sencha is made with precision craftsmanship from a natural solid wood.

Because it continues to be used by touching the hand, operability is important as well as the beauty of the appearance.

The curve shape that fits nicely in your hand enhances the hold when you shave a Kohitsu, and also enhances the beauty of wood grain.

Enjoy the changes that are unique to natural wood, with its luster and color changing as you use it.

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