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Trees and people's lives traced by fragrance.

A wide variety of trees are growing in temperate and rainy Japan.

Japanese people have lived with trees for a long time, and have lived with the benefits of nature while using trees in the right place in their lives.

For us living in the present day,

the forest may have become a little far away.

Still, many people would prefer wood because of its warm texture and soft look.

How many tree names do you know?

How to express the qualities of wood in an innovative way.

More than thinking of physical aspects of wood,

we chose an intangible value ; fragrance - something unique to each species of tree -

something which can suggest fond memories, or unexplored places.

KiKiKi wants to share the experience of the forest ; 

the breeze, the savour, the bouquet, in its pure state,

no matter where you are.

Concept development & Product design by HEREDIA KOMIYAMA


Graphic design by d&b,

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